No. Unfortunately, we do not sell or install automotive glass.
We are in business to serve customers who need basically anything involving glass, mirrors and related materials – in residential, commercial and new construction settings. This includes the following: replacing glass in homes and businesses, installing new aluminum store fronts, curtainwall and glass for new construction of commercial buildings, repairing storm windows and doors, installing custom mirrors and shower enclosures, providing glass table tops, screens, picture frame glass, and aquarium glass repairs.
Our lifetime warranty program covers the model of elDarderyGlass purchased from any chips, breaks, or user installation issues. Should any of these occur, please submit a warranty claim. Original proof of purchase is required for all warranty claims. Claims missing the original receipt will be declined. Click here to review the full warranty terms and conditions.
Laminated glass is a form of Safety Glass that is manufactured by sandwiching a layer of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) between two pieces of glass. It then goes through a heating and pressure process in an autoclave to firmly adhere the glass to the innerlayer. If broken, the glass is held together by the innerlayer and provides a high level of both safety and security.
Tempered glass is a form of Safety Glass that is manufactured by heating flat glass to approach its softening temperature and suddenly chilling with jets of cold air, which distributes compression stress on the glass surfaces while tensile stress in the center. The counteraction of compression stress and tensile stress provides tempered glass up to 5 times the strength of normal glass. When broken, tempered glass forms oblique bean size granules to reduce damage to human bodies. Tempered glass also withstands quick temperature changes.
Safety glass and tempered glass is the same thing; what makes them the same? Well, the best way to explain the difference will be to explain how normal glass and tempered glass break. When normal glass breaks it breaks into large pieces that could slice someone and cause serious injuries when it breaks. Tempered glass, however, breaks into a million small pieces making it less likely to cause serious injuries. Also, when you temper glass it makes the glass stronger therefore making it harder for the glass to break.

Safety glass films fall into one of two categories:

  1. Safety & security films are designed to strengthen glass in the event of an attempted smash & grab crime, accident, violent weather or terrorist act by holding broken glass together & in place.
  2. Anti-graffiti film can be installed on glass and other surfaces and take the brunt of damage caused by vandalism. After the attack, the film can be removed and replaced.
No, safety and security window film will not keep glass from breaking. Instead, it is designed to hold the broken glass together, and in place, providing safety from flying glass or deterring the would-be criminal.
For your safety, patio doors with standard annealed glass have been responsible for countless severe injuries and even deaths. In 1972, the Uniform Building Code mandated that all doors be glazed with safety glass. The code goes so far as to say that if one of the doors has to be re-glazed for any reason, the other door must be re-glazed as well if it does not contain safety glass in order to bring it up to code. All licensed contractors must abide by this code or face stiff penalties and possible loss of their license.
Curtain Wall is a form of a vertical building enclosure that supports no load more than its own weight and the environmental forces which is subjected to.
Yes, elDarderyGlass offers both screen repair and screen replacement services. Call us with the size of your window or screen and we can provide you with an estimate by phone.

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