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Glass Floors

These glass floors are very safe for heavy movement by pedestrians and are also quake-proof.
Glass floors let sunlight spread in your building and thus reduce the waste in artificial light. Designed with two or more treated layers, glass floors provide an impressive view of above or below and for that reason, the glass flooring system has made its way in residential and commercial buildings.

Benefits of

Glass Floors in Domestic & Commercial Installations

Totally Impressive Appearance

Glass floors add to the elegance of a building and offer an aesthetically charming view especially when used on high-rise establishments.

Breath-taking Interiors Lighting

Home and office designers tend to discover ways to fuse more daylight in their interiors. That’s why most of the modern construction projects are using glass floors and roofs to enable more natural light to penetrate and spread deeper into the areas where light wouldn’t reach by other means. The right design with the best glazing, for sure will light up the interior.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Glass floors are very easy to clean even if placed in crowded areas. A single swab can bring back the sparkle of the glass.

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