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Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

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Glass Kitchen

Adding a clear focal point or a unique complimentary design factor.

A glass panel between a tabletop and a cupboard is the most stylish idea in nowadays kitchen design. It is an efficient and functional solution because a kitchen becomes brighter and wider. It also has decorative functions apparent when you at first glance see a back-painted glass backsplash in a kitchen, the look is astounding.

A colorful glass backsplash will be the solution of adding a clear focal point or a unique complimentary design factor. We can design your Glass backsplashes in a variety of finishes and come in almost any color. Our artisan can match Pantone colors or visually match the color you are aspiring to on your glass backsplash.

elDarderyGlass can help you build the glass kitchen of your dreams with a limitless number of possibilities. Contact us if you want to know more about what we offer and really bring your vision to life!

Why a Glass Backsplash?

Glass backsplashes offer several advantages that make them an excellent choice:

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