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Glass Cashier Shields

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Glass Cashier Shields

It’s a completely new world, and we need to concentrate on our customers' and coworkers' health and safety like never before.

Acrylic worked as a quick fix, but elDarderyGlass Glass cashier shields are the lasting solution: not excessively complicated or lousy, just sleek, sterile, and wonderful.

We make our cashier shields from tempered glass materials that might have a company logo according to the unique needs or wishes of each client. 

The glass has clear visibility and effortlessly cleansing and sterilizing for being non-porous which makes glass better than acrylic as glass won’t allow germs to collect in pores.

Didn’t you ever ask yourself why glass is used in medical and food prep environments?

Why should you use Glass for a Cashier Safety Shield?


Glass won't allow germs to collect in pores like acrylic.


Barely needs replacement, whereas plastic alternatives will have to be renewed consistently as they deteriorate

Scratch Resistant

Tempered glass is very enduring, whereas acrylic is easily scratched. Scratches are a breeding environment for germs.

Ease of maintenance

Use a towel and a surface cleaner to clean and sterilize glass. Cleaning products cause the acrylic to become unclear and towels scratch it.

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