Glass Sneeze Guards

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From its name, sneeze guards are glass shields you can use to prevent germs at buffets and self-service food counters and now are being used to secure person-to-person interactions in various work environments.

elDarderyGlass now offers a complete line of customizable sneeze guards and glass barriers to meet this increased interest. Whether in Foodservice, hospitality, retail, or other businesses, we can make a sneeze guard that meets your needs.

Sneeze Guards

From retail to hospitality, protect your guests and employees.

Sneeze guards have risen in popularity and value to help in the spread’s prevention of germs. Contaminated food on any occasion is a genuine risk to a company’s reputation should multiple people get sick. At worst, however, contaminated food in a public event becomes a common problem which no business owner desires to go into it.

We can transform your restaurant’s food place into a work of art with our excellent custom made frameless glass sneeze guards, and the only duty you will have in obtaining your specially made glass sneeze guard will determine the style desired and ensuring you have the accurate measurements on hand.

As we all know that we can’t be sure from everyone to regularly wash their hands, that’s why glass barriers can help in separation between potential contaminations by hand and any accidental sneezes.

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